About us

Why we do
what we do.

We want every child receiving all of their services with excellence.

So often schools don’t have great services being provided, don’t have a good therapist providing services and don’t know where to go to find a strong team that can support them? Such a gaping hole when started working with our schools, realized that we had great therapists who worked at our clinic therapist, started serving the schools to match therapists we already had, gave therapists full time hours and fulfilling a big hole in schools.

About our Therapists

Who We Are

Florida Kids Therapy Services is a leading therapy staffing service for Jacksonville’s schools. Through speech-language pathology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, we help exceptional students discover new possibilities. We create a brighter future for each child by building a valuable network of support between therapist and school.

Who We Help

Our staffing services are twofold. First, we welcome bright, talented therapists to our team; then, we connect our professional therapists with your students. Each of our SLPs, PTs, and OTs are trained, certified, and matched to you. As experts in education-based therapy, we exclusively service public, private, and charter schools in North Florida.

How We Do It

Our focus is developing students’ speech and language abilities and fine motor, and gross motor skills—with proven results. With a partnership-oriented approach, our supervisory team offers on-the-job support to therapists and your faculty. And to encourage continualsuccess, we equip our therapists with the latest training, techniques, and technology. Because when our therapists excel, your exceptional students excel.

Why We Do It

Our goal is to close the gap of need between therapists and exceptional students. Too often, schools struggle with limited funding and resources for ESE students. We’re here to meet that need. We dedicate our time and resources to fill this gap—so each student can receive strong,
individualized care.

Our Story

Our history is rooted in a passion for quality therapy with proven results.

Florida Kids Therapy Services was born out of Atlantic Speech Therapy:a leading provider of clinical pediatric and adult therapy. After years of serving the community in three office locations, our Atlantic Speech
Therapy team became aware of the gaping hole in school-based therapy. We rose to the challenge to fill that hole. Florida Kids Therapy Services grew out of Atlantic Speech Therapy to focus solely on school-based services. Now, our team of educational therapists are changing lives in over 34 schools.

Jessica truly cares about carefully matching your expertise and scheduling availability with her therapy opportunities. Working for her has brought me a level of job satisfaction I’ve never known before.”